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Avonbrook Software Solutions

Founded in 1997, Avonbrook is innovating software dealership management systems for more than 30 years. The headquarters is located in Dublin, Ireland. Starting 2018, Avonbrook being actively providing solutions to valuable partners in the United States. Started with just Fortuna on the Desktop platform, with the improving technology, now Avonbrook has both Mobile and Desktop versions of Fortuna with a fully cloud-based setup.


 Our Mission

“Avonbrook is an energetic developer and provider of Dealer Management Systems (DMS) to the automotive sector with emphasis on niche segments. We consider ourselves as partners with our customers and our employees alike. We cultivate a practical understanding of our customer’s unique business practices and requirements resulting in an integrated solution providing the additional information and control, permitting our customers to harvest maximum profitability and the capacity to grow their business.
We under promise and over deliver . . . Our customers trust our company”

Gerry Merrick, CEO

Our Vision

Our vision is to provide the best possible solution to assist our business partners in improving work and being a trustworthy companion on their road to success.

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