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Manufacturer's (OEM)

Get accurate data from the manufacturers directly into your dealership. With the power of Fortuna DMS.


  • Vehicle Receipts

  • Vehicle Invoices

  • Warranty Credit Notes

  • Parts Receipts


  • Parts Purchase Orders

  • Customer Sales Details

  • Warranty Claims

​At Avonbrook Software Solutions, we pride ourselves on our advanced OEM Integration capabilities, powered by our innovative Fortuna DMS platform. With API-based fast and secure data transfer from manufacturers to dealerships, we ensure seamless connectivity and real-time access to vital vehicle information.


Our OEM Integration solution encompasses comprehensive details about vehicles, enabling efficient operations across diverse sectors. Whether you're in automotive sales, service, or management, our robust integration framework empowers your dealership with accurate, up-to-date data for informed decision-making and enhanced customer satisfaction.


Partner with Avonbrook Software Solutions for cutting-edge OEM Integration solutions that elevate your dealership's performance and drive success in today's competitive market

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