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Vehicle Health Check


"High level of Integration by the combination of two top quality products."

iVHC is intuitive, interactive and tightly integrated with our Fortuna DMS, including finance and repair plans for red and amber work upselling. There are many electronic vehicle health check systems on the market, but we’ve done it differently to other providers and it’s reaping huge rewards for our clients.


We’ve not only made this tried and tested process more usable for dealerships, but we have developed it further to allow for a greater upsell opportunity and conversion on red and amber work concerns identified in the service shop.


Moreover, we have focused heavily on the integration between the DMS and the iVHC system. The system directly communicates with your technician’s tablet device – bringing workshop efficiency to whole new level.
There are few systems, if any, that can compete with the high level of integration offered by the combination of these two top quality products, iVHC and Fortuna.

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Complete management of upsell process

Defect image capture

Defect video capture

70 Point vehicle check

Transparency for customer

List of previous concerns

Easy customer interaction

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Keyboard and Mouse

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