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The Story of

Avonbrook Software Solutions

Avonbrook Software Solutions has been innovating software for automotive dealership management systems since Microsoft Windows arrived on the market. We’ve been at the forefront of problem-solving innovation in DMS software development ever since. Almost three decades of providing software solutions have established Avonbrook as a trusted partner to those dedicated to streamlining their dealership businesses. Based in Dublin, the Silicon Valley of Europe, our team was among the first in Europe to develop technology for automotive dealerships. Our people are among the highest quality software developers in Ireland – the world's second-largest exporter of software.

Mission & Vision

Functionally Rich DMS Globally

Fortuna DMS has earned a sterling reputation as one of the most technologically-advanced and functionally-rich dealership management products in the world. That’s a reputation that our team lives up to each and every day.
Fortuna was launched in Ireland to ensure dealerships, dealer groups, manufacturers, stock importers and parts distributors here can run their businesses more smoothly and more profitably.

Fully Integrated with Customer Support

Our customisable software gives Irish clients a competitive edge in the automotive sector and niche segments by maximising efficiency in processes, enhancing customer care and growing sales. Avonbrook’s talented software boffins, many of whom have been with the company since the inception of Fortuna, can easily tailor the DMS for different dealership types. Our specialists have particular expertise in customising our dealership management system for mobility vehicle dealerships in Ireland.

Our sales teams are always focused on over-delivering for clients while our technical support experts are localised, know the industry well and are highly efficient. Our customer service is of a standard that matches the premium quality of our software solutions.

We understand the challenges when implementing new systems – that’s why our people are always there for your people to ensure seamless and fast transition periods.

We cultivate a practical understanding of our customers’ unique business practices and requirements, resulting in fully integrated solutions that promote maximum profitability, professionalism and growth.

Contact Us

Get in touch with us to Book a Demo, get detailed Information about our seamless Fortuna DMS and many other solutions can help to grow your business. 



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