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Business Intelligence Reporting

This is a powerful addition to Fortuna DMS, which our developers fully developed. A mind in the background watches your business processes closely and develops suggestions to take you further.

View your data in a form never seen before.

Our Business Intelligence Reporting panel provides decision-makers with invaluable insights into their dealership's performance. This powerful feature allows users to delve into business data in a three-dimensional manner, offering a comprehensive view of the past and present.


With intuitive visualization tools, our platform transforms complex data into easily digestible reports, empowering decision-makers to make informed choices that drive success. Whether analyzing sales trends, inventory patterns, or financial metrics, our Business Intelligence Reporting panel equips users with the clarity and foresight needed to navigate today's dynamic vehicle landscape with confidence.

  • Allows Decision Makers to look at data in a three-dimensional way.

  • Flexible and Customisable Reporting.

  • Drill Up/Down - In and Out to get a different view.

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