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Fortuna is More Powerful With Additional Features

With our advanced developments and beneficial partnerships, Fortuna offers countless possibilities just to improve your business. Additional features only focus on increase efficiency and profitability.

"A smarter way to get paid"

Fortuna DMS will offer a full API integration for Prommt

Take full control of "customer-not-present" payments with customised, engaging and secure payment requests via email, text and chat. From within Fortuna, you can now request, accept and reconcile payments with ease. Save valuable time and minimise the risk of chargebacks. Prommt is perfect when taking payments over the phone for deposits, parts and servicing.


  • Save Time

  • Reduce Fraud & Chargeback Costs

  • Safer and More Secure

  • Get Paid Faster

  • Better Customer Experience

  • Minimise Physical Contact

Tec App

Fortuna Tec App is companion app comes with your Fortuna. The app can be setup smartphones and tablet devices. With the Fortuna Tec App, not only provide efficiency on workshop processes, but also offer easier control and check needs with the Clock in and Clock Out Work Orders. The app also allows to protect technicians prevent any incidents with the Photo & Video Upload and Overall Observation features.



BonusIT enables you to implement employee Incentives with cost-efficient work practices, Increasing productivity, efficiency and profitability. Thanks to seamless Integration with powerful Fortuna DMS, It is now possible to generate an additional €20,000 (Approximately) per technician in a year.

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