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Why Fortuna DMS?

Streamline your dealership management with reliable access to all data from every department – right at your fingertips. Fortuna DMS allows automotive dealerships to run more efficiently with lower costs and increased sales.

As the leading Microsoft Windows-based DMS solution, Fortuna is a reliable and effective next-generation dealership management tool that will drive your business forward. From showroom to finance, from parts to service, from stock management to administration, Fortuna puts every element of your business in one easily accessible place.

  • Increase sales, productivity and profitability

  • Customisable for niche sectors

  • Fast, easy, flexible dealership management

  • Efficient integration of all the departments

  • Real-time performance reports and analysis

  • Maximised customer service and retention

  • Competitive edge over other dealerships

  • Fast implementation and expert training

  • Leading Windows-based DMS solution

Microsoft Technology

Employing the Microsoft SQL Server as a database allows Fortuna to share customer information right across all departments at a click or a scroll.
That means that new customers entered into the system are immediately recognised by other departments in the dealership. This streamlining function eliminates the need for the transfer of data from database to database, and so improves productivity while reducing instances of human error. Fortuna DMS software is developed specifically for use with Microsoft Windows technology to take advantage of the stable, powerful and industry-standard platform. The software is easily scaleable so there are no limitations on the size of the dealership or dealership group. It can easily scale to handle small or large volumes of users.

Fast Implementation,
Expert Support

Our implementation teams are among the fastest and supportive DMS installation specialists in the industry. Transition is made easy by our experts, who walk your teams' step by step through the processes. You can be assured of localised, familiar, friendly and vastly experienced technicians to offer easy-to-understand support and training throughout the implementation period. You can count on excellence in aftercare with fast helpdesk response times and practical solutions to ensure your business can continue to excel.

Vehicle Sales and Admin

Drive your turnover with Fortuna's unrivalled customer relationship management capability. Cultivate customer loyalty right from the very first meeting with potential buyers. Maximise sales team efficiency through every step of the sales journey and ensure no leads or opportunities are ever misplaced.

Part Sales and Stock Control

Ensure speed and accuracy in stock control and parts sales to maximise efficiency and profit. Check availability in an instant with simplified tracking, ensure stock levels are optimal for improved cash flow, get the right part every time, scan barcodes to speed up points of sale and purchase processes.


Improve customer service and retention while upselling direct from the workshop and maximising staff productivity. From alerting customers when servicing is due or ordering parts and monitoring labour, the process is automated for maximum efficiency in employee productivity and total professionalism in customer care.

Electronic Vehicle Health Check (iVHC)

Enhance customer retention and increase sales by maximising upselling opportunities. Video and photography are used to identify vehicle concerns for customers transparently. The vehicle health check is fully integrated with Fortuna, which manages the entire process seamlessly - from vehicle assessment and repair plans to customer consent and finance plans.

CRM Showroom

Access complete customer history and efficiently produce professional quotations and sales order forms. CRM Showroom gives you access to all quotes, sales orders, purchased vehicles, service histories, finance details, accessories, trade-ins, discounts, deposits and more.

Electronic Time Management

Track the efficiency of employees, boost productivity and increase profitability. Fortuna's electronic time management system saves many thousands of euros for dealership each day. Cost jobs correctly by managing work time accurately and retaining customers easily by ensuring appointments are on time.


Up to date analysis of your business accounts information gives you the power to drive growth strategically. All accounting information is fully integrated into Fortuna DMS to give your teams the right tools to make the right decisions daily.

Manufacturer's (OEM) Interface

Vehicle manufacturers ensure warranty compliance instantly with our dealership management system manufacturer interface. Vehicles, parts and labour are tracked by the claim to fast-track administration and settlement.

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