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At Avonbrook, we always try to push our limits to provide more easy-to-use solutions to make our customers lives easier. We also share this goal with our partners and our Integrations to our ecosystem. 

Sage 50

Sage 50 is fully integrated with Fortuna DMS to ensure your up to date accounting information is instantly accessible. From simplifying your accounting to improving payroll administration and streamlining credit card processing, Sage 50 increases your efficiency.


Sage 50 executes at an enterprise level for a small business price point. Save time and execute higher ROI strategies by automatically updating business reports and accessing customer support from multiple channels.

Teamgate's complete process sales CRM is fully integrated with Fortuna DMS to provide your teams with a best in class lead management tool. Teamgate is intelligently designed to bolster the entire sales experience.


This award-winning software walks your salespeople through each step of the sales process. It is designed to ensure that no opportunities are lost. Teamgate is designed for sales teams of any size and has the right mix of super-smart integrated features to give your people that capability to prospect, connect, analyse and seal deals much more straightforward than before.


Never has it been easier to grow sales and retain customers than with Teamgate software integrated with Fortuna DMS.


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eDynamix web-based software is integrated with Fortuna DMS to help our clients to boost productivity and increase profitability while improving customer retention.


This integration provides all of the core aftersales functions within the Fortuna DMS. It is designed to cut operating costs and improve overall profitability by combating staff engagement, efficiencies, and systems support issues.


The software also offers centralised management reporting. The software is interactive in that it allows customers to connect with your teams.

Intact Software

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INTACT software has been continually developed since 1992 and has streamlined business management and stock control. It is the software of choice for businesses seeking to make efficiencies through IT systems.


Its systems have been developed by working closely with industry leaders, resulting in a feature-rich software package.

The integration of INTACT with Fortuna DMS gives our customers a distinct competitive advantage over their rivals through tighter business management and stock control.

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