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Prommt Payment Is Here!

The easier and safer way to get paid. Now with Full Fortuna API Integration!


Robust Payment Request is now available on Fortuna DMS. Take complete control of "Customer-not-present" payments with customized, engaging and secure payment requests via email, text and chat. From within Fortuna, you can now request, accept and reconcile payments with ease. Save valuable time and minimise the rish of chargebacks. Prommt is perfect when taking payments over the phone for deposits, parts and servicing.

Save Time

You can send multiple payment requests instantaneously - and for your customers, payment is just on click away.

Get Paid Faster

Get complete visibility of who has paid you and what payments are still pending. And send a reminder message at the touch of a button.

Safer and More Secure

No card details are passed between you, your customers or your staff, so the risks of card numbers being inadvertently stolen or compromised are significantly reduced.

Please contact us to get more information!

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