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Tec App

"Uniquely Tailored Application for Technicians"

Fortuna Tec App is a companion app that comes with your Fortuna. The app can be set up on smartphones and tablet devices. With the Fortuna Tec App, not only provide efficiency on workshop processes, but also offer easier control and check needs with the Clock in and Clock Out Work Orders.

The app also allows protecting technicians to prevent any incidents with the Photo & Video Upload and Overall Observation features.


  • Improved Work Efficiency - Technicians remain at their workstation with up-to-date instructions and information (Saving Time)

  • Easy To Use - Fortuna Tec App is easy to use on a smartphone or tablet.

  • Integrated with Fortuna - Works seamlessly with Fortuna.


Voice Transcript of Work Carried out

by Technician

Photo and Video Upload Capabilities

Overall Observation for

  1. Record Purposes

  2. Recommended Work

Access to the Work Orders Directly from Fortuna

Clock in and Clock Out Work Orders

With Seamless integration with Fortuna,

Vehicle History Recorded on the App for Ease of Reference

App Screens

Keyboard and Mouse

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