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Vehicle Sales and Admin

Designed to
Think Sales

Fortuna Dealership Management System is designed to think sales and make it easy for your team to increase turnover.

  • Having all customer history right at your fingertips makes it easy to grow your business through highly professional customer service and increased sales.

  • You can continually cultivate customer loyalty from first contact with potential buyers

  • Fortuna’s unrivalled customer relationship management capability eliminates human error to ensure that no sales opportunities are lost.

  • Fortuna DMS matches client details with their personal and social preferences to help your sales teams develop knowledge-driven bonds that are lasting.

  • Fortuna ensures potential clients are contacted and further appointments are scheduled. Such easy access to information in a complete dealer management system is built up over long periods and is proven to promote sales and customer retention.

The Perfect Match

A multi-company or multi-branch dealership trades thousands of vehicles every month. Fortuna tracks every vehicle in every location. The administration behind the purchasing, selling and transferring of vehicles between locations is effortless and efficient. Stock is controlled to allow accurate valuing, analysis and reporting. The perfect match for a customer is only a fingertip away.

Module Interface

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