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After sales service is the first step to your next sale. Fortuna understands that customer retention equals business development. The system automatically alerts customers when their vehicle is due for a service. Again, when the client arrives for the pre-arranged appointment, the software takes over.
Each service has its own specific bar-coded job card. It guides and records every step of the service. The system has already notified the parts department of what is needed. Oil filters, air filters, spark plugs and oil are the basics but if a fault has been reported, a particular part is pre-ordered and waiting for the vehicle to arrive.

Time worked on each job is recorded. Fortuna provides estimated job times and pre-plans technician schedules improving efficiency and productivity while saving money for your business.

The First Step to Your Next Sale

  • Workshop Loading

  • Service Booking

  • Job cards

  • Service Invoicing

  • Estimates

  • Warranty Processing

  • Service history enquiries

  • Labour Analysis

  • Electronic Vehicle Health Check (iVHC)

  • Work in progress

Module Interface

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