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Innovating DMS Sector for 30 Years

Fortuna Dealership Management System - Introduction Movie
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Get the best out of your Business with Avonbrook Today!

Track and Manage Your Business in Real-Time

With the powerful Fortuna Software, you will stay always updated, always online for tracking your business in real-time with also advanced mobility options.

Tighten Stock

No Nonsense Support

Our experienced support team, always being ready to find you the best and quick solution possible.

Enhance Customer Retention

Fortuna also offers capable CRM features to included system which works seamlessly.

Improve Sales

Expert Technicians

More than 15 years of experience. Ready to support and help you on every topic that you might have.

Boost Profits

With more control, it is possible to boost profits with Fortuna

Maximise Staff Efficiency

Powerful Solutions and Integrations, it is now possible to track and maximise your staff efficiency.

Tailored DMS for not just Automotive But Also Almost Every Niche Vehicle Sectors

From Automotive to Marine, Fortuna can be adapted to almost every motorvehicle sector. Find your industry and let us create Dealership Management System just tailored for your needs and your business.


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